Where the mind goes, Prana flows.

I’ve discovered Yoga through Asana practice in 2015 and was introduced to the principle of harmonizing energies through deep relaxation and meditation techniques.

Since 2018 I am guiding through holistic yoga classes with the focus on the elements of Hatha, Jnana and Raja Yoga.

Sharing and promoting the health benefits of Yoga and incorporating my knowledge as a qualified nurse are very important to me.

The focus is on being able to experience Hatha Yoga not just as a fitness program but rather as a holistic system that affects on a physical, mental & energetic level.

Sharing my experiences in this way creates a deep sense of gratitude and allows me to grow with and through this practice myself.

You can expect clear instructions supporting you in your individuality adapted to your own ability and limits.

I am looking forward to meet you.

नमस्ते Namaste


Lakeside Yoga

Enhance your connection to nature with a yoga lesson at Lake Laax.

Let the peaceful & breathtaking surroundings help you find your inner peace.

Connection to nature & yourself is the focus here, flowing movement & various breathing techniques let you cultivate grounding & health.

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Yoga symbolizes interconnection, first of all within ourselves.

HA – sun, activity, potential, language, strength, concentration, analysis, logic & intellect.
THA- moon, regeneration, tenderness, intuition, fantasy, impulsivity, creativity & beauty.

Asana, Mudra, Pranayama and Kriya are used to achieve the balance between these polarities.

Regular yoga practice can release tension and leads us to a state of physical and mental calmness. This strengthens and regenerates our system, which creates harmony.

Yoga helps us to center, to experience our inner strength and to trust and allow ourselves to follow our deepest voices of truth.

Yoga practice with an awareness directed inwardly.

Through honest observation, we come to recognize our patterns in thinking, feeling and acting. Personal development and activating of self healing processes through an open, loving and respectful inner attitude towards oneself as a whole being.

Let yourself be inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Yogis and the knowledge of modern sciences to step into your own inner power in order to live your true full potential.

To be truly in tune with the flow of life.

Get to Yoga through Yoga.


Qualified Nurse since 2003

2018 – 2021 – 500 hours Hatha, Jnana & Raja Yoga Teacher 

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales, Yoga Alliance

2019 – 100 hours Children & Teens Yoga Teacher

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales, Yoga Alliance

2019 – 60 hours Vedanta Meditation

Yoga Vidya Ashram, Germany

2020 – 65 hours Yoga Therapy for people with metabolic diseases

Yoga Vidya Ashram, Germany

2020 – 60 hours Buddhist Meditation

Yoga Vidya Ashram, Germany

2020 / 21 – 100 hours Yoga Therapy

Yoga-Energy Center, Schweiz

2021 – 200 hours Yoga Therapy online 

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales

2021 – 65 hours Yoga Therapy for the heart

( Dr. Dean Ornish)

Yoga vidya Ashram, Germany

2022 – Ayurveda Nutrition & Massage 

Heilpraktiker Schule Luzern, Schweiz

A health & life counseling with Yoga

A health oriented lifestyle concept

A holistic view and approach to promote mental and physical health to make existing illnesses more bearable. An exercise program can consist of mindfulness, breath awareness and movement exercises and conversations, as well as inspiration for nutrition and coping with everyday life. The plan is personally tailored to you and your current topics and can be combined with conventional medical treatments. The focus is on strengthening your self-healing powers, regenerating your nervous system and improving the quality of life in all areas of life.

Based on 36 reviews
12. June, 2023.
Sehr tolle, traditionelle Hatha Stunden mit Nadine, bei schönem Wetter an einem wunderbaren Ort am See. Gute Mischung aus Anstrengung & Entspannung, hilfreiche Adjustments, die Lektionen sind sehr vielfältig und beinhalten nicht nur Asana sondern auch Pranayama, Meditation, Chanten und viel Wissen rund um Yoga. Als Yogalehrerin darf ich dazulernen und bin inspiriert. :-)
Melanie Seitz
Melanie Seitz
26. October, 2022.
Die Stunden bei Nadine sind für mich etwas ganz besonderes. Sie schafft es jedes Mal, mich von meinem Alltagsstress zu befreien und in eine andere Welt zu guiden. Diese Sessions beinhalten die perfekt Symbiose aus Training und Ruhe – Body and Soul.
Rebecca Doll
Rebecca Doll
13. September, 2022.
Tolle Yogastunden und wundervolle Frau, die auch auf mich ganz individuell einging. Sie sieht den Menschen ganzheitlich und hat genau erkannt was ich gebraucht habe und was mir gut tut. Freue mich auf weitere schöne Stunden!
Anja Christina
Anja Christina
12. September, 2022.
Liebe Nadine, danke für die zwei tollen Yogastunden, die ich bei dir erleben durfte. Mit deiner liebevollen, ruhigen und humorvollen Art erklärst du den Ablauf der Übungen sehr präzise, ohne dabei zu viel zu sprechen und unterstützt die Teilnehmenden dabei, die optimale Position für sie herauszufinden. Nebenbei erklärst du spannende Details zum Hintergrund der Yogalehre. Ich konnte mich bei dir voll gehen lassen und mich meiner Körperhaltungen bewusster werden. Wenn in Laax, dann werde ich immer wieder gerne zu dir kommem. Alles liebe (= Namaste, Anja
Tereza Kantorova
Tereza Kantorova
11. September, 2022.
Amazing classes ❣️ Love to go there and excercise and relax in the same time. The set-up is TOP, Nadine goes through all levels and is always ready to help and talk! Highly recommending a session with this beautiful person 🙏 namaste
Isabel Knaus
Isabel Knaus
10. September, 2022.
Going to Nadine's Yoga classes is food for my soul. Every single time, I leave feeling centered, connected with my body, soft & conscious. With her wide range of knowledge & deeper understanding she emphasizes her teaching. She helps me to meet my body & mind exactly where they are at on that given day. Thank you Nadine!
Linda H
Linda H
11. August, 2022.
Tara Meier
Tara Meier
11. August, 2022.
Es ist immer wieder eine Freude in Nadines Lektionen zu gehen. Sie sind fordernd und entspannend zugleich. Immer ein schöner Mix. Ihre Leidenschaft ist spürbar und sie bringt stehts viel Fachwissen mit in die Lektionen. Danke ❤️
Emma Haefeli
Emma Haefeli
10. May, 2022.
Nadine radiates welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic energy. She has a deep understanding of yoga practices and always shares her knowledge in our sessions. She creates a safe space to tap into my inner yogi, and helps me address my physical and mental state, whether happy, stressed, calm, emotional or anxious! Time on the mat can both challenging and relaxing, but always fun with Nadine! 😌

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